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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to enter the Philippines for tourism purposes?

American citizens may enter the Philippines and stay up to 30 days for tourism purposes without obtaining a visa, provided they have a confirmed round-trip airline ticket or an onward ticket out of the Philippines. For other nationalities or entry other than for tourism (e.g. business, employment, studies, residence), please call the Visa Section, tel. no. (312) 583-0621 ext. 13.

Former Filipino citizens may stay up to one year without a visa, provided they present, at the Philippine point of entry, proof of former Filipino citizenship, such as old Philippine passport or Philippine birth certificate. Spouses and children of former Filipino citizens and of Filipinos who have been away from the Philippines for at least one (1) year may also stay up to one year without a visa, provided they enter the Philippines with the spouse or parent.

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I have a minor son/daughter (below 15 years of age and a U.S. citizen) who will visit the Philippines accompanied by his/her grandparent. Are there additional requirement for his/her entry into the Philippines?

Philippine law requires non-Filipino children below 15 years old, who will travel to the country, to be accompanied by their parent(s).   Said minor, who are travelling to the Philippines unaccompanied by their parent(s) or accompanied by person(s) related by blood or affinity other than their parent(s), need to obtain a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation in Manila in order to be allowed entry. (click here for more information  >>)

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I have a legal document (e.g., power of attorney, deed of sale) to be sent to the Philippines. How do I have this acknowledged or authenticated?

Legal documents for use in the Philippines must be acknowledged before a Consular Officer. Those appearing in person are requested to bring a proof of identity such as driver's license, state ID or passport. (Applicants should submit the original document, a photocopy of the document and photocopy of the proof of identity)

The notarial fee is $25.00 per document.   

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Can I acquire real property in the Philippines even if I am already a naturalized American citizen?

Any natural-born citizen who has lost his Philippine citizenship may acquire a private land up to a maximum area of five thousand (5,000) square meters in the case of urban land or three (3) hectares in the case of rural land to be used by him/her for business or other purposes. In the case of married couples, one of them may avail of the privilege herein granted (please see Republic. Act 8179, Sec 10).   (click here for more information  >>)

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I would like to donate certain items (books, computers, medicine, etc.) to a beneficiary in the Philippines. Can said items be extended duty-free entry status and be brought into the Philippines without paying customs duties and taxes?

Food, medicine and other relief goods, books and educational materials, essential machineries/equipment, consumer goods and other articles may be granted duty-free entry by the Department of Finance and the Bureau of Customs, upon the recommendation of the Department of Social Work and Development or other concerned agency. Prospective donors can seek assistance from the

          Commission on Filipinos Overseas
          1345 Citigold Center, Quirino Avenue
          cor. South Superhighway, Manila
          Tel # (632) 562.3852
          Fax # 011.632.561.8332
          E-mail cfodfa@info.com.ph  

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I am interested in adopting a Filipino child. How may I go about it?

A child who is below 15 years of age and is in the legal custody of the Department of Social Work and Services (DSWD) may be adopted under the inter-country adoption law. Prospective adopters may contact

          The Inter-Country Adoption Board
          Department of Social Welfare and Development
          6th Floor Sinagoga Bldg.
          Sinagoga St., Malate, Manila
          Tel. Nos. : (632) 525-1375;   (632)   524-1243;
          Fax : (632) 524-1425
          URL: www.dswd.gov.ph

Illinois and Midwest residents may contact any of the following DSWD-accredited, non-profit adoption agencies:

(a)    New Life Social Services
        6316 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60659
        Tel.- (773) 478-4773
        Fax - (773) 478-7646
        Email: nlss@aol.com
        URL: www.nlss.org

(b)     Lifelink
         331 S. York Rd.
         Bensenville IL 60106
         Tel. - (630) 521-8281
         Fax - (630) 521-8844
         Email: Alladopt@psinet.com
         URL:  www.lifelink.org.

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