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Consular Services 

          -  Report of Marriage

          -  Report of Birth

          -  Affidavit of Delayed Registration

          -  Regulations on Change of Name for Married Filipino Women 

             for the Purpose of Civil Registry Application

  • Dual Citizenship         
              - Download Application Form    

  • Cultural Affairs Library & General Information Services

  • Assistance to Nationals

      Legal assistance is also extended by the Consulate General for  recently-arrived temporary or immigrant based Filipinos who have work-related issues with their employers.   They may call the ATN officer, at (312) 583-0621, extension 21, or contact the Office of the Labor Attache, based at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. directly at (202) 467-9425.

You can also download and fill-up the ATN FORM and send it to the Consulate Generalk of the Philippines, Chicago via email at chicagopcg@att.net or fax it to 312-583-0647.



For particulars, please contact

    Phone:   (312) 583-0621
    Fax:   (312) 583-0647
Email: chicagopcg@att.net




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