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The newly-deployed Filipino teachers with the Consulate General contingent, headed by Consul General Paez (seated in white, 4th from the left; to her left is Mr. Angel Figueroa, Deputy Superintendent of Waukegan School District, and to her right is Labor Attaché Saul De Vries of the Philippine Migrant Workers Office) (Chicago PCG photo)

CHICAGO 02 August 2023 – The Philippine Consulate General in Chicago, in coordination with the Waukegan School District, conducted an in-person Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar (PAOS) for newly-deployed Filipino teachers on 31 July 2023 at Miguel Juarez Middle School in Waukegan, Illinois.

The PAOS participants were comprised of forty (40) Filipino teachers, who arrived from the Philippines in July 2023 under the US Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) or the J-1 Program. They will be assigned to teach in different schools in Waukegan starting the School Year 2023-2024.

Under the Consulate General’s Gender and Development (GAD) program, the event enabled the attendees, who were mostly females, to familiarize themselves with the services of the Philippine Government offices in the US. Aside from Chicago PCG, officials from the Migrant Workers Office (MWO) based in Washington DC and from the Social Security System (SSS) office in New York City served as resource speakers. Consul Melvin Almonguera presented the services of the Consulate General; Labor Attaché Saul De Vries discussed the rights and obligations of the participants under the EVP; Welfare Officer Mae Codilla reminded the attendees on financial literacy; and SSS Representative Celenia Dimaano touched on the benefits of SSS members.

Consul General Paez delivering her opening remarks (Chicago PCG photo)

Labor Attaché De Vries discussing the US Exchange Visitor Program (Chicago PCG photo)

Consul Melvin C. Almonguera fielding a question regarding the Consulate General’s services (Chicago PCG photo)

In her remarks, Consul General J. Susana Paez expressed her appreciation to the Waukegan School District for the opportunity to work together, and to the MWO and SSS officials, who traveled a long way to connect with the newly-deployed teachers. The Consul General offered practical tips to ensure their safety, emphasized the need to be knowledgeable and compliant with the regulations of the Host Country, and reminded those present of their role as cultural ambassadors and representatives of the Philippines. She also pledged the Consulate General’s readiness to provide appropriate assistance to every kababayan in the US Midwest.

During the event, the Consulate General also brought Overseas Voting (OV) Registration services to enable the teachers to cast their votes for the 2025 Philippine National Elections.

Meanwhile, several Filipino teachers offered a Philippine cultural performance for the newcomers. END

Filipino teachers offered a cultural performance for the new arrivals. (Chicago PCG photo)

Filipino teachers registering for Overseas Voting with VRM operator, Mr. Noly C. Dulay (Chicago PCG photo)

SSS Representative Celenia Dimaano checking the SSS membership status of the participants(Chicago PCG photo)