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Consul General Paez reminding the personnel on the importance of teaching the Filipino language to their children (Chicago PCG photo)

CHICAGO 16 August 2023 – In celebration of the Philippine National Language Month 2023 (Buwan ng Wika 2023), the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago held a watch party featuring “Usapang Wika” for its personnel at the Kalayaan Hall.

Jointly produced by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC), “Usapang Wika” is a documentary series taking up the major languages of the Philippines. It showcases the richness of the Philippines’ languages through the experts’ insights and the examples of native speakers. The activity presented the first two (02) episodes of the series: the overview on the origins of Philippine languages (Episode 1) and the analysis of Tagalog and its relation to the national language (Episode 2).

In her remarks prior to the screening, Consul General J. Susana Paez expressed her appreciation to the NCCA and the ANC for coming up with the informative series. She stressed to the personnel that their native languages should also be used at home and be taught to their children in order to pass on an important heritage even outside the Philippines.

The Consulate General personnel had a lively discussion following the watch party. Some native Tagalog staff shared other features of their language, which they learned while growing up. On the other hand, in view of the particular traits of their native languages, the non-Tagalogs disclosed the difficulties they experienced in learning the national language in school.

Consul Gener, a Tagalog, pointing out some features of the Tagalog language(Chicago PCG photo)

Mr. Maning, who grew up in Mindoro, sharing his difficulties in learning the Filipino language (Chicago PCG photo)

Proclamation No. 1041, s. 1997 assigned an annual month-long celebration of the national language every August. The theme for this year is “Filipino and indigenous languages: Language of peace, security, and inclusive implementation of social justice” (“Filipino at mga katutubong wika: Wika ng kapayapaan, seguridad at ingklusibong pagpapatupad ng katarungang panlipunan”). END